Potty training problem solved

first snowfall
Keisha after her first snowfall

I thought I’d write an update about how Keisha’s potty training is going.  She gives really suttle clues to us when she needs to go out, but she will still just go in her crate sometimes without even trying to let us know too.  I was considering paper training her, but thought if she wasn’t trained to go on paper, I would rather not teach her at all, and continue teaching her to go outside.

Tonight I got an email from her breeder telling me that for the last three nights that she was with her breeder she slept in a crate next to her bed with shredded paper in it, and that she spent the days in the kitchen and she was paper trained! 

I had not been leaving anything in her crate because she just chews it up and tries to dig through it, but tonight I put some paper in her crate, and almost right away she went on it!  She’s been going on it ever since!  At first she shredded the paper, but she hasn’t been too bad since.  I will gradually move the paper outside, and hope she will learn more easily this way.

She has also learned to “come” today.  Now she knows “sit” “down” and “come”.  I’m making sure she has a firm grasp on the commands and are reliably obeying them before I start teaching her a new one.  She also had diarrhea for awhile, and I had to stop the training.  She has had medication for this though, and I am happy to report that she is completely better!


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