Keisha broke a bowl

Keisha bone and bowl
Keisha chewing Sophie’s bone

 Keisha broke a bowl last night!  I was in the bathroom and heard a crash.  For a few seconds I thought she had somehow broke out of her crate!  When I came out there was a broken bowl on the floor.  It had been on top of her crate, and she managed to push it off the top.  I had been keeping it there to put her water in.  She tips over dog bowls too easily, and I can’t use the ones that have rubber on the bottoms that are harder to tip over because I have a latex allergy.  I cleaned up the bowl, and vaccumed to make sure there were no small pieces of glass in the carpet, and I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to keep her bowls from now on!

She’s sleeping in her crate now, and Sophie’s sleeping on the couch.  It’s one of the rare moments when it’s quiet here!  When Keisha’s awake she’s usually howling, talking, being hyper, or chasing her tail! 

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep her from destroying the Christmas tree yet.  I’m going to wait for awhile longer before putting it up, but I know she’s going to want to jump at it and eat it!  I’ll let everyone know how it goes once the tree is up!


Keisha’s first bath

first bath
Keisha’s first bath

 Keisha had her first bath about a week after coming home.  We absolutely had to give her one!  She had decided that it was ok to pee in her crate and roll around in it, and smelled horrible! 

close up tubI thought she wouldn’t mind getting a bath too much because she obviously didn’t mind being wet!  She also tipped her water bowl over every chance she got and splashed around in her crate.  She puts her paw in her water bowl while she’s drinking a lot too.

Sophie, my Lab. doesn’t like getting a bath at all!  If you as much as get a towel she is out of reach, and uneasy until you get into the bath tub or shower youself.  It’s odd how I ended up having a Lab., who is suppose to be a water dog who doesn’t like water, and a Husky who loves it. 

When I put Keisha into the tub she started drinking the water.  I made her stop because God only knows what she had in her fur! 

I used some really mild shampoo, and only as much as I needed and she was finally smelling like a little puppy again!  We couldn’t even cuddle her before her bath because she was just disgusting! 

She did manage to escape from the tub once!  I didn’t think she could because it’s a deep soaker tub.  She was jfloppy earsust tall enough to stand on her hind legs and put her front ones on the side of the tub.  She’s definetly a climber!

She’s had to have another couple of baths using just water a a tiny bit of mild shampooo since then, but she’s getting a lot better!  She’s also growing a lot!  She still chases Sophie around a lot, and bites her, but we are trying to stop her from doing this.  Sophie just runs away from her and growls at her.  I’ve had Sophie for 8 years, and she has only barked a few times (if you would even call it barking), but since getting Keisha she growls at her almost every day!  I bet if she could she’d give Keisha away to the Pizza Delivery guy, or pack her up and send her back to her breeder!  I’m sure as she learns to leave Sophie alone though they will get along a lot better.  Let’s hope so anyway!