Basic Commands

  • sit (completed)
  • down (completed)
  • stay  (working on longer stays)
  • come  (completed)
  • heel  (working on heel while on a leash)
  • stand  (working on this)
  • leave it
  • drop it
  • quiet

    Service Dog Commands

  • paws up – put front paws on my legs (completed)
  • up – put front paws on countertops etc.
  • under – move under object
  • over – climb over object
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    2 Responses to “Commands”

    1. Euro Puppy Says:

      Hi Kim,

      In was so inspired by Keisha, that I wrote an article about her and how Siberian Huskies make great guide dogs. With your permission, I would like to post it on our blog. I am the Marketing Manager of Euro Puppy: a respected European company offering champion-line puppies and dogs. We are situated in Hungary and in Miami. We are also on Blogcatalog.

      I invite you to look at our websites:


      I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I would post the article on Monday or Tuesday on our blog, and let you know as soon as it is up. If you like the idea, I would love it if I could add a picture of Keisha with the article as well. If it is not a problem, please email me a picture of Keisha and she will proudly be showcased on our blog with the article 🙂

      Hoping to hear from you!



      Euro Puppy Inc.

    2. paul Says:

      hi there. i got 2 huskies. ok and im battling 2 train them. could u maybe give me some pointers. thanks

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