Determined to chew that bone

bone in bowl
Keisha put Sophie’s bone in the bowl to chew it

Keisha was in her crate today while I was vacuuming.  She was watching me and “talking” as huskies do.  Julian was on the phone, so I was trying to keep her as quiet as possible.  I found Sophie’s bone in the bedroom, so I gave it to Keisha to play with until I was finished cleaning up.  It’s a Nylabone, and she tries to steal it whenever she can.  She played with it for awhile, but it kept sliding around her crate.  I can’t keep any bedding in there for her because she just digs it and chews it until it is destroyed! 

I fed her a little while before this, and hr bowl was still in her crate.  It’s a deep bowl, and not a dog bowl because she tips dog bowls over way too easily.  Then she has a crate ful of water that she wines about before she splashes it in.  I can’t use the other kind of dog bowls that she can’t tip over because they have rubber on the bottom and I have a latex allergy. 

Anyway, she was trying to chew the bone, but it kept escaping from her on the plastic floor.  She picked the bone up, put it in her empty bowl and tried chewing it again.  It still slipped around, so she covered the bowl with her fron leg, and then with the front of her body so she could hold the bone still and chew it!  It only took her a few minutes to figure this out!

She is so smart!  She is just like Sophie, my current guide dog when she is trying to figure things out.  She will sit back and think about how she will do something until she figures out a way to do what she wanted.  She knows that the door of her crate opens when I lift up the handle and slide it sideways, and she will try to do it with her nose and mouth when she wants to get out.  She has the lifting part down, but still hasn’t figured out how to slide it yet.  I’m not sure she can slide it from the inside, but I know if it’s at all possible, she will figure out a way sooner or later!  Let’s just hope that it’s later, and I don’t have to catch a puppy escapee all the time!


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