Keisha’s vet visit

Keisha close upKeisha had an apointment with the Vet today to get her next set of vacinations.  I put her harness on her along with her collar so there would be an extra “Husky Handle” to grab her with if she tried to escape the Vet, and took a towel and her puppy Nylabone.

 Julian took her on her leash and I had Sophie and we all went downstairs to the parking garage.  She was trying to jump on Sophie at first, but wasn’t too bad once we got on the elevator.  There are other dogs in the building, so there were plenty of smells for both of them to sniff. 

She kept turning around to see Sophie when we were walking down the hallway on our parking level, and all the way to the car.  I thought it would be better for her to walk ahead so Sophie coud keep an eye on ehr without worrying if she was going to be leapt on from behind!  Keisha jumps on her and bites her ears a lot, and will run towards her with her mouth already open!  I’m hoping she will out grow that stage when she stops teething!

Sophie got in the back seat of the car, and I held Keisha in my lap in the front.  I had the towel on my lap in case she peed.  I wouldn’t want to go to the vet, or anywhere else looking like I had peed myself after all!  She was pretty good on the way to the vet, looking out the window and people watching.  She didn’t pay too much attention to vehicles, not even buses or street cars, but she loves watching people!  She also seems fasanated with people riding bikes.  Maybe it has to do with my wheelchair.  She tried to keep cyclists in her view for as long as possible.

When we got out of the car at the vets, Sophie already knew where we were.  She hasn’t been there before, but she started sniffing (she does this a lot when she visits the vets), and acted really nervous.  I held Sophie’s leash in one hand and Keisha’s in the other while Julian parked.  One of the women who passed me said “You’ve got your hands full there”, and she couldn’t have been more right!  Keisha wanted to see everything, and Sophie just wanted to sniff!

Sophie and KeishaWe went inside and waited in the dog area, and when the receptionist told the vet that Keisha was there for her apointment, Sophie let out a sigh and flopped down on the floor!  It’s like she knew exactly what was said!

The vet said that she was looking great, and gave her her shots.  She ran around in circles after she had them, and tried to bite her hip while spinning around and dragging her butt accross the floor!  She didn’t know what just happened to her.  The vet said that Husky’s really didn’t tolerate shots well, but she did fine.  She had one near her hip, one near each of her shoulders and some medicine in her nose.  She was also sneezing as she sun in the circle and did the butt dragging.  After a few minutes she was fine though.

She is 12.54 lbs now.  She hasn’t put on a lot of weight since she’s been here, but she also had diarrhea for awhile, so that wasn’t good.  She was doing a lot better the day after she visited the vet for that, and had some medication for it for a few days.  Sophie also got her nails clipped and was registered there too.

When we left the vets I was waiting outside for Julian to get the car and these two guys asked if they could pet Keisha.  They were making a huge fuss over her telling her how beautiful she is and petting her, and they both told Sophie she was beautiful too.  Sophei was not impressed because she usually gets all of the attention, and here were the only two people in the Greater Toronto Area who knew they weren’t suppose to pet working dogs! 

Keisha got tired on the way home and fell asleep for a little while.  She had that glazed over look, and was really floppy and sleepy.  She still tried to watch everything that was happening around her though.

When we got back, Julian carried her upstairs and she’s been sleeping in her crate ever since, with a break for her supper.  She hasn’t howled or made noise all night.  She’s not herself at all.  I’m sure she’ll be her hyper, noisy self in the morning though!