Keisha explores the depths of the dryer

Keisha in the dryer
Keisha in the dryer

I hope everyone had a happy new year!  I haven’t written an update for awhile now because I’ve been so busy!  I mentioned last year (that sounds so odd because it was only last month!), that I was going to teach Keisha to take clothes out of the dryer.  Well, it turns out that she was still a bit too short, but just before I started this entry I managed to “introduce” her to the dryer.

 She is still a bit too short to reach the bottom of the dryer, but I put some towels in the bottom and used a bright pink sock for her to find.  We all know how much husky’s love socks!  I wasn’t worried about if she was going to pick the sock up or anything this time, and just rewarded her for putting her head in the dryer, and then for touching the sock with her nose or mouth.  I didn’t use a command, but just clicked and gave her a treat to get her use to things.  I also hid some tiny bits of treats through the towels for her to find.

Well, Keisha, being the curious puppy that she is decided to explore the depths of the dryer!  Of course if putting her nose in the dryer got one treat, putting half of her whole body in must get a whole bunch of treats right?!  I couldn’t resist.  I had to take a picture.  She climbed all the way into the dryer to hunt through the towels and all that was sticking out was her tail as she wagged it around!  I managed to take a quick picture of her as she poked her head out to see what I was doing!

Now that I know she’s not affraid of the dryer, or the loudness of sounds when she pokes her head in there, I will continue teaching her to help me do laundry! 


A hyper puppy and a yellow lab.

Sophie and Keisha in the chair
This is what happens when you mix a Siberian Husky puppy with a Lab.!

I took the above photo tonight.  Sophie was relaxing in her chair, and Keisha decided to leap on top of her.  Sophie just turned 10 on Nov. 3rd, and she was never a dog to play a lot.  Sure she has her moments where she wants to play, but 10 minutes later she’s back to her calm, relaxed self.  Keisha on the other hand is a little bundle of energy with pointy ears!  She constantly has to be moving!

Keisha jumps all over Sophie and tries to bite her.  She always wants to play, and don’t seem to understand that Sophie doesn’t want to.  Sophie growls at her when she bugs her too much, and has even barked at her!  She only ever barked a few times in the 8 years we’ve been together before Keisha joined us!

I’m hoping Keisha will learn to leave Sophie alone eventually.  Until then I guess I just have to do my best to keep her from bothering Sophie too much!

Keisha broke a bowl

Keisha bone and bowl
Keisha chewing Sophie’s bone

 Keisha broke a bowl last night!  I was in the bathroom and heard a crash.  For a few seconds I thought she had somehow broke out of her crate!  When I came out there was a broken bowl on the floor.  It had been on top of her crate, and she managed to push it off the top.  I had been keeping it there to put her water in.  She tips over dog bowls too easily, and I can’t use the ones that have rubber on the bottoms that are harder to tip over because I have a latex allergy.  I cleaned up the bowl, and vaccumed to make sure there were no small pieces of glass in the carpet, and I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to keep her bowls from now on!

She’s sleeping in her crate now, and Sophie’s sleeping on the couch.  It’s one of the rare moments when it’s quiet here!  When Keisha’s awake she’s usually howling, talking, being hyper, or chasing her tail! 

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep her from destroying the Christmas tree yet.  I’m going to wait for awhile longer before putting it up, but I know she’s going to want to jump at it and eat it!  I’ll let everyone know how it goes once the tree is up!

Keisha’s first real snowfall

It started snowing last night.  Keisha spent most of the night in her crate watching the snow fall and howling at it.  After midnight I had to close the curtains because she was making too much noise.  She finally settled down andwent to sleep.

Today when we woke up there was snow up around the windows and as soon as Keisha saw it she wanted to go outside!  I put some new batteries in my camera and got her and Sophie ready to go out.  Luckily we have a pretty big patio area that they can run around on.  I put Sophie on her FlexiLeash, and put Keishas harness on her.  I had to adjust the belly strap because it was too tight!  The last time she wore it was on Nov. 28th!  She’s growing really fast.  I used a longer training leash on Keisha so I could control her a bit.  She likes to leap on Sophie and bite her, so I gave her a bit less leash than Sophie.  They ran around and had some fun before Sophie wanted to come back inside.  Keisha came in a little while later after she chased birds for bit and they both had a nap.

I thought I’d put the video I took on this blog entry instead of some of the pictures I took.  I’ll be adding pictures throughout the winter.  Enjoy the video!

Some re-planning is in order

Keisha Julian
Keisha getting ready to run around

When Keisha was out of her crate it was easy to keep things away from her.  All I had to do was put them on the kitchen counter or table.  They were out of reach, and safe.  Notice how I said “when” and “were”?  Well, tonight Keisha proved that she is no longer the little puppy who had came home 24 days ago.  She is now more like a toddler.

When she first came home she would leap after Sophie.  Sophie would then get up into the chair in the living room, knowing that she was safe form Keisha and her pointy little teath!  She would look down at Keisha taunting her knowing there was nothing she could do as long as she kept her paws and tail far enough away form the edge of the chair.

I noticed these past few weeks that Keisha can leap onto the chair and couch!  Sophie noticed this when Keisha leapt over the arm of the chair and started biting her, while walking over her!  She got out of the chair and Keisha went tumbling out of the chair.  This didn’t stop her though, and she chased Sophie onto the couch to get in some more bites!

Now she can jump onto the chair and couch, get cloths that are hanging over the edge of the kitchen counter, put her front paws on the table and get things off there, and jump at the tv!  She has so much fun leaping at something she sees moving on the tv.  It’s funny right now, but I have to teach her not to do it because I’m sure it won’tbe so funny when a full grown Siberian Husky puts her head through my tv!

I guess the next plan is to just keep the counter tops and table as clear as possible, and to unplug my laptop from the wall before letting her out so she can’t pull it, or anything else from the center of the table by getting tangled in the cord!

Keisha’s vet visit

Keisha close upKeisha had an apointment with the Vet today to get her next set of vacinations.  I put her harness on her along with her collar so there would be an extra “Husky Handle” to grab her with if she tried to escape the Vet, and took a towel and her puppy Nylabone.

 Julian took her on her leash and I had Sophie and we all went downstairs to the parking garage.  She was trying to jump on Sophie at first, but wasn’t too bad once we got on the elevator.  There are other dogs in the building, so there were plenty of smells for both of them to sniff. 

She kept turning around to see Sophie when we were walking down the hallway on our parking level, and all the way to the car.  I thought it would be better for her to walk ahead so Sophie coud keep an eye on ehr without worrying if she was going to be leapt on from behind!  Keisha jumps on her and bites her ears a lot, and will run towards her with her mouth already open!  I’m hoping she will out grow that stage when she stops teething!

Sophie got in the back seat of the car, and I held Keisha in my lap in the front.  I had the towel on my lap in case she peed.  I wouldn’t want to go to the vet, or anywhere else looking like I had peed myself after all!  She was pretty good on the way to the vet, looking out the window and people watching.  She didn’t pay too much attention to vehicles, not even buses or street cars, but she loves watching people!  She also seems fasanated with people riding bikes.  Maybe it has to do with my wheelchair.  She tried to keep cyclists in her view for as long as possible.

When we got out of the car at the vets, Sophie already knew where we were.  She hasn’t been there before, but she started sniffing (she does this a lot when she visits the vets), and acted really nervous.  I held Sophie’s leash in one hand and Keisha’s in the other while Julian parked.  One of the women who passed me said “You’ve got your hands full there”, and she couldn’t have been more right!  Keisha wanted to see everything, and Sophie just wanted to sniff!

Sophie and KeishaWe went inside and waited in the dog area, and when the receptionist told the vet that Keisha was there for her apointment, Sophie let out a sigh and flopped down on the floor!  It’s like she knew exactly what was said!

The vet said that she was looking great, and gave her her shots.  She ran around in circles after she had them, and tried to bite her hip while spinning around and dragging her butt accross the floor!  She didn’t know what just happened to her.  The vet said that Husky’s really didn’t tolerate shots well, but she did fine.  She had one near her hip, one near each of her shoulders and some medicine in her nose.  She was also sneezing as she sun in the circle and did the butt dragging.  After a few minutes she was fine though.

She is 12.54 lbs now.  She hasn’t put on a lot of weight since she’s been here, but she also had diarrhea for awhile, so that wasn’t good.  She was doing a lot better the day after she visited the vet for that, and had some medication for it for a few days.  Sophie also got her nails clipped and was registered there too.

When we left the vets I was waiting outside for Julian to get the car and these two guys asked if they could pet Keisha.  They were making a huge fuss over her telling her how beautiful she is and petting her, and they both told Sophie she was beautiful too.  Sophei was not impressed because she usually gets all of the attention, and here were the only two people in the Greater Toronto Area who knew they weren’t suppose to pet working dogs! 

Keisha got tired on the way home and fell asleep for a little while.  She had that glazed over look, and was really floppy and sleepy.  She still tried to watch everything that was happening around her though.

When we got back, Julian carried her upstairs and she’s been sleeping in her crate ever since, with a break for her supper.  She hasn’t howled or made noise all night.  She’s not herself at all.  I’m sure she’ll be her hyper, noisy self in the morning though!

Potty training problems

flexi leash
Keisha taking herself for a walk with Sophie’s FlexiLeash

Keisha is doing great!  She has learned how to sit, and is learning how to lay down.  She’s very smart, and we are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of her!  The only problem we are having is teaching her not to pee in her crate!  She doesn’t seem to care at all if her crate is wet.

Her crate is right next to the door that leads to the patio.  I have a litter box outside the door that Sophie uses, and if Keisha is put out there the first thing in the morning she will pee there.  If she is left out there long enough she will also pee.  The problem is she don’t understand that her crate is not a good place to pee.

When she pees outside I praise her a lot, give her one of her favorite treats, and she gets to play.  She realizes this because when she pees, she runs inside to get her treat.  When she pees in her crate, I tell her “no” and put her right outside.  She will usually hold it, but after awhile she will go.  She also pees a little outside and acts like she’s done, but as soon as she goes back into her crate she pees.

I have the divider in her crate and it’s only big enough for her to turn around in, but she will still pee and lay down in it.  I tried leaving the puddle in her crate, and thought that if she realized that it wouldn’t be cleaned up right away and that she had to lay in it she wouldn’t want to do it, but she just wined for a minute and layed down in it!  I even tried letting ehr out with Sophie so she could watch her, but then she just wants to play after watching her intently for a few minutes.

I cleaned out her crate with stuff that takes odors away, but that didn’t work either, so the next step I’m thinking of trying is to teach her to go on some paper that will be put in the far end of her crate, and gradually move it outside.  I hope something works soon!

Someone suggested that she could have “learning difficulties”, but I know I don’t have to worry about that!  She can learn other things easily, but is just having some problems with this.  The same person also suggested that some dogs are impossible to housebreak, but I think any dog can be trained if you know what motivates them and can find something that works for them!  I’ve just got to find out what works for Keisha.

I was reading about how puppies can’t physically “hold it” until they are at least 12 weeks old.  She has another couple of weeks to go until then, so I’m not too worried about it yet.  I’m sure things will work out fine.  I was also reading about the Misty Method of potty training for puppies.  If puppies of that age can be potty trained, I’m sure Keisha can!

And that is why her nickname is “Stinky”!