I’m getting the puppy on Nov. 7th!

NylaboneI just thought I’d write an update.  I’m going to pick up my puppy on Nov. 7th, thanks to a family member on my step dad’s side of the family!  She offered to drive me to the puppy breeder’s house to pick the puppy up! 

I still haven’t thought of a name!  I know I need to come up with one I am happy with, and that suits her, but I’m having trouble finding a female “husky” name that hasn’t been over-used.  It seems like the same names are used over and over.

I’ve picked out a crate, crate pad, collar, leash, and Nylabone and it will be ordered this week.  It will be shipped from this city, so it shouldn’t take too long to get here.  I’ve decided to buy a collar to use for now, and Julian is going to bring me a leash, harness and collar that he is getting a girl in the dog club class he teaches to make.  She breeds husky’s, and makes leather leashes etc. 

 I decided on a Nylabone because Sophie, my yellow lab has had one since guide dog school in Aug. of 2000 and she still has the same bone!  She’s not a “power chewer”, but these bones are great!  The yellow lab Viki owned who stayed in the room accross the hall would chew his bones up in the matter of days!  I thought that if I got the “wolf” bone it would last longer, and the puppy would have something she could chew on and I wouldn’t have to stay with her while she chewed it.  I also found bones that you fill with water and freeze them.  They are really good for dogs that are teething.  I’ll have to look into these later.

It’s so hard to find non-latex dog toys!  As a matter of fact, it’s hard to find non-latex anything!  I have a latex allergy, and can’t handle anything that is made of rubber.  All of the “Kong” toys are made of rubber, and most “chew” toys are.  Even tennis balls have rubber bits on them!  I’ll have to try to find some toys besides rope toys to get.  Even some rope toys have tennis balls attached!

I’ll keep everyone updated, and add more photos of the puppy when I get her!


Collar or Harness?

harnessI have been thinking about if I should use a collar or a harness when I get my puppy.

I’ve been reading as much as I can about huskies and most people seem to be trying to teach them not to pull.  I can understand why you’d want to do that, but in my case I want the puppy to pull.

When she grows up she will be helping to pull my wheelchair, and I think it will be easier to use a harness right from the beginning and let her pull when walking, than use a collar and teach her not to pull so much.

Many of the sled dog owners seem to teach their dogs to pull when wearing their harness, and to not pull when just wearing their collar.  I think this will be the best way to teach my puppy.  That way she will pull when working, but when she’s not she will know to walk on a loose leash. 

She will also get use to wearing both a collar and leash, which will make the transition from her harness to her working harness a lot easier when she is fully grown!