Keisha’s new backpack and patch

Keisha’s backpack
Keisha’s new backpack from Ruffwear

Keisha got her new backpack yesterday.  I had ordered it last month, along with a patch.  The patch came weeks ago, and I like it a lot.  It says “Service Puppy In Training”.  I didn’t want a “generic” patch saying “service dog” and another saying “in training”.  I wanted something different.  I attached the patch to her backpack last night, and now it’s ready for her to use!

service puppy patch
Service Puppy In Training

The backpack is the Approach Pack II.  It is made by Ruffwear.  I have a collapsible bowl from them for Sophie and it is really well made.  I’ve had it since Aug. of 2000 and it’s still in great shape! 

When I opened the package today, I was suprised because the backpack was so small.  I was expecting something much bigger.  I had my doubts for a minute or two that it would fit Keisha, but after getting on the floor and holding her I realized that it might fit after all.  I gave her a treat to chew on and started the task of actually getting the backpack on a hyper husky puppy!  Not an easy thing to accomplish!  I had to hold her with one of my legs wrapped around her to keep her still enough to get her head through the opening.  She wasn’t impresed with this at all, and tried to push it away with her paws, chewing on her treat the whole time.  Sophie was watching the whole thing while she layed next to me.  Once I got her head through the opening, the rest was easy.  I clipped the two belly straps shut and she didn’t notice she was wearing anything!  She layed on the floor eating her treat, and I took a bunch of pictures before taking it off again. 

I think part of the reason she didn’t seem to mind it was because of the design.  There are cut outs in the back of the harness where her shoulders are to allow for movement, and the straps are covered in fleece.  The packs are also only attached at the top, so she can lay down on her side without having to lay on a pack, and it is very light weight. 

There’s a handle on the back of the harness, nad a pulling loop along with an extra loop.  It’s a very well made and well designed backpack.  The packs are also not too big and bulky, so they don’t get in the way.


4 Responses to “Keisha’s new backpack and patch”

  1. Julian Says:

    Very smart doggie. Now all she needs to do is have a little cart that she can tow behind her and Sophie is all set lol!

  2. Turbo the Sibe Says:

    Congratulations on your work so far! Woo!

  3. Elsje Says:

    Where did you get the “service puppy in training” patch? I’ve been looking for one just like that!

  4. PatNolan Says:

    I think the Ruffwear equipment is great!

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