The Christmas tree is up!

Sophie and Keisha under the tree
Sophie and Keisha under the Christmas tree

I put up the Christmas tree on Dec. 15th.  I would have put it up earlier, but I was sick for 4 days!  I’m feeling like a human being again now, but I spent over 3 days on the couch!  Keisha was really well behaved when I was sick!  She usually whines and howls if I’m out of the room for any length of time and she is in her crate, but I guess I madesomany trips to the bathroom she got tired of moaning about it!  I don’t let her out of her crate while I’m not in the room with her because she is tall enough to get things off the table now, and I usually have my laptop there.

So far, Keisha hasn’t been too interested in the Christmas tree.  She still dives at it every so often, but I think it’s mostly for attention.  She’s also a lot better around Sophie now!  She still wants to play with her, but when I call her she will come now.  That’s really helpful!  Now when she runs after Sophie I tell her to “come” and instead of nipping at Sophie first, she turns aroudn and comes running toward me!

We also had a snow storm on saturday and sunday!  Keisha loves snow!  She digs in it, leaps around and buries her nose in it.  She even barks and howls when it’s snowing and she’s in her crate because she is suppose to be sleeping.

She’s sleeping in her crate right now, and Sophie’s sleeping on the couch.  It’s nice when it’s this quiet here!  It doesn’t happen very often since Keisha’s been here!


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