Keisha broke a bowl

Keisha bone and bowl
Keisha chewing Sophie’s bone

 Keisha broke a bowl last night!  I was in the bathroom and heard a crash.  For a few seconds I thought she had somehow broke out of her crate!  When I came out there was a broken bowl on the floor.  It had been on top of her crate, and she managed to push it off the top.  I had been keeping it there to put her water in.  She tips over dog bowls too easily, and I can’t use the ones that have rubber on the bottoms that are harder to tip over because I have a latex allergy.  I cleaned up the bowl, and vaccumed to make sure there were no small pieces of glass in the carpet, and I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to keep her bowls from now on!

She’s sleeping in her crate now, and Sophie’s sleeping on the couch.  It’s one of the rare moments when it’s quiet here!  When Keisha’s awake she’s usually howling, talking, being hyper, or chasing her tail! 

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep her from destroying the Christmas tree yet.  I’m going to wait for awhile longer before putting it up, but I know she’s going to want to jump at it and eat it!  I’ll let everyone know how it goes once the tree is up!


4 Responses to “Keisha broke a bowl”

  1. Chad Myers Says:

    Hi, I found your site through a posting on the Siberianhusky group on yahoo. I have a suggestion to help with leaving water out for your puppy. Wal-mart carries bowls that easily mount onto the side of the wire kennel. These are very easy to install, there is only one wing nut to tighten by hand, and the bowl is removable for cleaning without removing the entire mount. I use these for my dogs and have found them to be very convient and sturdy.

    Chad Myers

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Chad, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve thought about this before, but she likes putting her feet in her water, and I was trying to figure out where in her crate I could attach it so she could easily reach it and not get her paws in it. If I put it high enough for her to drink from now she can still jump up and splash in it. She’s almost too tall to jump up on her back legs in her crate now, so I think I’ll try your suggestion after Christmas when she’s a bit taller.

  3. Julian Says:

    Hi Kim,

    So, you’re not the only one who needs plastic/ metal bowls etc! Will there be any china left by the time I get home lol!

  4. Kim Says:

    Probably not! LOL!

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