Keisha is home!

relaxing together
Sophie and Keisha relaxing the day Keisha came home 

I thought I’d take some time to write an update.  I did finally pick a name for the puppy.  I named her Keisha.  It’s one of the first names we thought of, and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since.  It’s funny how you go back to the first thing you picked sometimes.

We picked her up on Nov. 7th, and it only took her a few minutes to make herself at home!  She slowly came out of her kennel, and hasn’t been the least bit timid or unsure since!

She’s a handful, and loves to play.  She tries her best to play with Sophie, but Sophie doesn’t like dogs playing with her.  She just turned 10 years old on Nov. 3rd, and likes to relax for most of the day, enjoying some play time when she feels like it.  Keisha, however being the hyper puppy that she is, thinks every minute of the day, or night is play time!

Julian brought her home a rope toy, and she really likes playing with it.  She also likes stealing my fuzzy slippers!  Sophie liked fuzzy slippers as a puppy also!  It must be a puppy thing!

I’ll write some longer entries later, but right now I have to go finish doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen before Keisha decides that nap time is over. 


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