Dog litter box

SwheatI live in a condo in Toronto, and there is very little grass around.  There is a park about a block away, but I don’t want to go there at night and it isn’t very convenient having to go there every time my current guide dog, or my new puppy has to go out. 

I came up with a solution that solves this problem when we moved in.  I decided to build my yellow lab a litter box!  A lot of people must have thought I had totally “lost it”, but I thought it would work quite well.  I could put it outside on the large patio area I have and train her to “go” in it. 

We went to Home Depot and bought the material and I made the box.  I know you can get “dog litter”, but I wasn’t sure where, so I filled it with kitty litter.  It took a few days to get her use to using the litter box because she got so use to going on grass, but after a few days she was using it when she needed to go!  Now I just open the door, and let her out and she comes back in when she’s done!  I also put the litter box under the balcony that is above this floor so it wouldn’t get wet when it rains.

There are two cats that live on this floor, and they come around my patio and look in the windows.  One of them even comes into the condo if we leave the door open!  They would sniff around the box and I tried to keep them away, in case Sophie would not want to use the litter box if she knew the cats had used it.

The next time I got some kitty litter, I found some Swheat Scoop Natural Litter.  It’s made from naturally processed wheat, has no clay and still clumps so it can be easily removed when wet!  Sophie used to get the other kitty litter stuck between the pads of her paws, but this stopped once I started using the new litter!  If any gets on her paws when she coems back inside now, it can easily be vacuumed up! 

I’m going to train the puppy to use the litter box too.  It will be a lot easier, and come in very handy, not only when it snows, but just because I will just have to let her outside.  I’m not planning on letting her out there without using a leash though, because she could easily slip out underneight the fence.  I’ll have to think of a way to “husky proof” things out there!


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