Collar or Harness?

harnessI have been thinking about if I should use a collar or a harness when I get my puppy.

I’ve been reading as much as I can about huskies and most people seem to be trying to teach them not to pull.  I can understand why you’d want to do that, but in my case I want the puppy to pull.

When she grows up she will be helping to pull my wheelchair, and I think it will be easier to use a harness right from the beginning and let her pull when walking, than use a collar and teach her not to pull so much.

Many of the sled dog owners seem to teach their dogs to pull when wearing their harness, and to not pull when just wearing their collar.  I think this will be the best way to teach my puppy.  That way she will pull when working, but when she’s not she will know to walk on a loose leash. 

She will also get use to wearing both a collar and leash, which will make the transition from her harness to her working harness a lot easier when she is fully grown!


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